Postgraduate and Early Career Bursaries

RSAA Bursaries

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Thanks to the generosity of the RSAA, there will be four postgraduate/early career bursaries available for RSAA 2017. Recipients of the bursaries must be presenting at the 2017 conference and be RSAA members at the time of the conference.

The four bursaries are:

  1. The RSAA Bursary (AUD$750)
  2. The William Christie Bursary (AUD$750)
  3. The Angela Dunstan Bursary (AUD$750)
  4. The RSAA International Students Bursary (AUD$1,500). For the 2017 conference, preference for the International Students Bursary will be given to postgraduate students enrolled at an Asian university.

To apply for these bursaries, please send a 2-page CV along with your abstract to by 26 August 2016 (revised deadline). Please ensure that your CV includes: a) your current enrolment status, dissertation topic, and supervisor’s name (if you are a postgraduate student); or b) your current employment status, full history of publications and grants, and a statement from your institution or a former supervisor to confirm that you do not have access to institutional funding. You do not need to send any references or specify a bursary. Please also ensure that you have submitted an abstract for the conference (see Call for Papers).

If you are eligible for the International Students Bursary, you will automatically be considered for it. Eligible students who do not receive the International Students Bursary will automatically be considered for the remaining three bursaries.

CHE Bursaries


There will also be a number of postgraduate bursaries available specifically to support a ‘History of Emotions’ theme at the conference, for postgraduates giving papers on topics related to the history of emotions. These have been made available thanks to the generosity of the ARC Centre for the History of the Emotions, and will available within the following categories:

  1. CHE Bursaries for Postgraduates from New Zealand (up to AUD $500).
  2. CHE Bursaries for Postgraduates from Eastern Australia (up to AUD $750).
  3. CHE Bursaries for Postgraduates from Western Australia (up to AUD $1000).
  4. CHE Bursaries for New Zealand or Australian citizens doing postgraduate study elsewhere (up to AUD $1000).

Applicants should send in their CHE bursary applications along with their paper proposals to by 26 August 2016 (revised deadline). Bursary applications should include:

– evidence of current enrolment in a relevant postgraduate degree in Australia or New Zealand (categories 1-3), or of Australian or New Zealand citizenship if the applicant is studying elsewhere (category 4).

— a statement of not more than half an A4 page explaining how the applicant’s research relates to the research goals of the ARC Centre for the History of Emotions.

— a 2-page CV.

— a copy of a quotation for travel to and from the conference, and for accommodation expenses.

—an indication of whether any other funding is available for the purpose of attending the conference.

Students who apply for CHE bursaries will automatically also be considered for RSAA bursaries (although no applicant would be recipient of both). All recipients will need to be RSAA members at the time of the conference.

If you have further questions, please email Nikki Hessell ( or Ingrid Horrocks (